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DISCODOGS - Eskalation Royal

One of the nation's most party-proven DJ- and producer teams guarantees you demolition in style!

Whether it be an actions sports event, club, festival or movie premiere - the Discodogs fill any location with a huge sound set. 

Anything is possible except for half-full drinks.


Built on a tight hip hop base the Dogs serve you with a musical whirlwind across their own sound cosmos composed of electronic beats, party anthems, some rock flavour and of course their own productions and remixes.


What do Johnny Knoxville, his Jackass crew, Bloodhound Gang member "Evil Jared", Ferris MC and Patrice all have in common? That's right - they have partied with the Discodogs and became instant fans.


With their two EP's the Dogs reflect exactly the energy that boils up when they are rocking the decks!
Their EP's and several Remixes are a trip through their world. From underground clubsounds to pumping festival anthems - spit out with the typical Discodogs Flavour!


With Edgar Wallis the Dog pack got heavy support on the mic. New ideas and songs are already in production. 2016 will be good!


Ready - Set - Escalate!

Discodogs DJ-SetDiscodogs-Live